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What the audience think and value about you, is your brand. LiteMeUp AI agent is our artificial intelligence model that uses Jungian archetype theory to craft the perfect brand personality for your personal or business brand. Our agent has studied more brand identity design material than a designer can master in a couple of lifetimes 😉

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Uncover Your Brand Personality

Knowing your brand’s personality is no longer a luxury: it is a must
Consistent brand voice, vision and story elements come from a clear picture of brand’s psychology. We show you your brand’s values, fears, desires, goals and more.

Drive Competitive Differentiation

Positioning and differentiation of brands are dependent on brand personality. Having a strong brand personality humanizes a company, giving it depth and nuance, as well as allowing it to be relatable to its target audience.

Set the Tone For Your Brand

Your brand’s tone and voice will define how it communicates in all its actions and interactions. You should be completely distinctive in your voice, tone, and temperament in all aspects of your brand. Get your most effective and customized brand voice and motto, designed by LiteMeUp.

Create Brand Loyalty

Consumers are more likely to identify with brands that closely resemble them in terms of personalities. A brand that showcases personality traits such as kindness or thoughtfulness is likely to be trusted by families. Someone may prefer a brand of jeans that personifies ‘cool’ over another that is all about status.

Inform Your Visual Choices

The logo, colour and other visual identifiers of your brand should reflect your brand’s personality. For example, a graphic designer knowledgeable about best practices will ask what your brand personality is when designing your logo. For any chances of long-term customer loyalty, you need a consistent and defined brand personality.

Choose Your Plan

Personal Package

for individuals on social media or professional networks such as Linkedin
$ 19

Business Package

for startups, small/medium enterprises, public bodies and private businesses
$ 39

Bundle Package

for branding agencies, startup accelerators, business incubators and design studios

Save 90% on agency costs

Get the most comprehensive archetypal branding kit, while saving more than 90% on the costs. Our AI technology has transformed how branding kits are developed. It’s never been easier to kickstart your branding effort with confidence. Uncover YOUR personality today.

Turn weeks to seconds!

It used to takes days to weeks of endless research, sending emails back and forth and discussions to develop a brand personality. It only takes seconds for LiteMeup to discover your brand personality, describe your ideal audience and lay your messaging and marketing foundations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an archetype?
Archetypes are the most basic, fundamental, and universal pattern of human experience, and they provide a way of looking at the world and understanding meaning and insight. An archetype is a universal human pattern, an original pattern, and a “template for our perception and judgment of empirical reality.”
What is included in the brand identity kit?
Your brand identity kit includes your brand's personality and psychology, customer profile, motto, strategy and guidelines as well as semantic hooks. We are already working on adding even more components to the kit.
Can I use one account for multiple brand identity projects?
Absolutely! You can design as many alternative brand identities as you like.
What is an AI agent?
"AI agent" is a term to describe a class of smart algorithms that use machine learning technology to do a certain task. LUMEN's AI agent is the largest language model currently available trained on a wide range of design and branding related knowledge databases.

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